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Prices for Translation Service

Prices for translations vary according to the language, subject and deadline.Here you will find general information about translation prices. For a concrete estimate for your translation, please contact us directly.

Send us the text you would like to have translated and we will quickly provide you with a free, no obligation cost estimate!

Quick Translation specializes in patent, legal and commercial translations.Of course we also provide translations in other fields and in every language.
Technical translations require not only perfect knowledge of the target and source languages, but also knowledge of the specific field.That is why we carefully select translators with the right skills for each specific translation.Our translators are university graduates from the fields of chemistry, law, medicine, technology, etc. and possess the necessary vocabulary and understanding of the fields in which they translate.
We place great importance on strong project management to ensure our translation projects are carried out quickly and smoothly and our customers are provided with quality translations on time.
If you have any questions about a translation, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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