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Patent Translations

Quick Translation specializes in patent translations and certified translations. Numerous well-known companies from a wide variety of different fields have entrusted us to translate their patents for years.

Translations with Precision

Inaccurate translations in a patent can lead to far-reaching and serious consequences when it comes to its registration and use. That is why Quick Translation exclusively employs experienced translators who meet the following requirements:

– Legal expericence in the respective legal system

– Expertise in the relevant field of the patent

– Knowledge of the composition and structure of patent texts

Most of our translators have completed a technical and/or legal education.
Our patent translations are also proofread by editors with expertise in the relative field.They also ensure that the final document is properly formatted and structured.

The Quick Translation project managers ensure that every stage of the patent translation runs smoothly.
Do you want to patent protect your invention both in your country and abroad?

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