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Translations with Social and Environmental Commitment

Quick Translation in Vienna is committed to helping people and the planet. For example, we help the planet by using photovoltaic and solar heating systems to provide power and heat for our office. Quick Translation also helps people by supporting aid projects in Africa.

Social and Environmental Commitment

Both social and environmental commitment are very important to Quick Translation.

In order to operate successfully as a green business, we have already taken the following measures:

Installation of a Hybrid Solar Thermal System

It not only produces  heat but als electricity (1.5 kWp – kilowatt peak). The heat is stored in a 1,000 liter buffer storage tank.

Installation of a Photovoltaic System

A 5 kWp system generates about 4,500 kWh of electricity per year.

Use of an Energy-efficient Heating System

The office is heated by a gas-fired condensing furnace from Vaillant and an S3 Turbo-H from Fröling. The solar thermal system supports the heating system during the transitional period (September / October and March / April).

Thermal Renovation of the Building in 2010

Use of an Energy-efficient Computer System

In order to save energy, the office was equipped with energy-efficient Dimotion computers from Ditech (www.ditech.at). Power is turned off to all the workstations at night to avoid standby power consumption.

Purchase of an Electric Car

Currently, the Quick Translation company car is a hybrid vehicle. We plan to purchase a Renault Zoe electric car in summer 2013.

Installtation of a Storage System for Electrical Energy

In March 2013, an energy3000 Powerstation was installed and put into operation by the company Vasicek (www.vasicek.at).

Quick Translation decided to follow a Green Business policy for the following reasons:

  • Environmental reasons
  • Cost efficiency
  • To be at least partly independent from the public power supply system

In addition to being committed to the environment, Quick Translation has also been socially committed for years and supports the Harambee Non-Profit Organization. Harambee is an aid project that began five years ago with the construction of the Kilifi Vonwald School and has now developed into a comprehensive project.

Quick Translation supports the Harambee projects financially.

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